Our History

Walking in love and healing, we continue to seek God’s wisdom and guidance as we strive to fulfill our mission, which is to love all souls; to look for the unsaved and and lead them to Christian salvation; to live with one another in Christian fellowship, harmony and community; to labor with one another in knowledge unto Christian maturity; and to live in the presence of God.

Who We Are

On the fourth Sunday in July 1878, with prayers and blessings, twelve people left the First Baptist Church of Midlothian, Virginia to organize a new worship community on the western end of Chesterfield County at 11900 Genito Road, Midlothian, VA. The charter members were Peter Brown, Peter Brooks, Maurice Bray, Robert Owen, George H. Robinson, Maria Turner, Annie Woodson, Lucy Brown, Edmund Robinson, Martha Winston, Emma Robinson, and Page Turner. They were responding to the need for a church closer to their homes in rural Chesterfield County. Some members would walk four to five miles barefoot and then put their shoes on immediately before entering the sanctuary.

The first house of worship was a log cabin made with slabs and it was called the “Slab Town Meeting House.” Over the years, the church was named Spring Creek Baptist Church and two different structures were built. Traditionally, people joined the church during revival in June and were baptized in July. They were baptized in a creek near Brown Grove Baptist Church in Midlothian, Virginia. Church records from the late 1800’s reflect that the church had regular meetings, kept accurate financial records and conducted professional and orderly meetings. The church began to have weekly services in the mid 1950’s. This change was instrumental in the spiritual and numerical growth of the congregation.

A total of fifteen pastors have served SCBC since its inception. The first pastor was Rev. Edward H. Beverly. He served for four years and by the end of his tenure a new place of worship was being constructed. He was followed by Rev. T. Byrd, Rev. Tribbie, Rev. I.R. Clark, Rev. Joseph Brown (the only pastor to serve two tenures), Rev. W.H. Jennings, Rev. M.W. Rainey, Rev. Howard Jones, Rev. Clifton Whitaker, Sr., Rev. David Winters, Rev. Warren Atkins, Rev. Lawrence Wilson, Rev. William Bassett, and Rev. Dr. Jerome O. Lee, who was the first full time pastor. Over the years, twenty ministers have been licensed at and three ordained.

In June 2001, God truly blessed our church family and we were honored to call Rev. Dr. Jacqueline E. Madison-McCreary and Rev. Dr. Micah L. Madison-McCreary to serve as our 16th pastor. The church made history in calling a husband and wife ministerial team to serve as our spiritual leaders. Under their leadership, the church redefined its mission statement and established a variety of Christian education and discipleship opportunities to foster love, healing and spiritual growth within the congregation and to reach out to the community.

After holding worship services at Crenshaw Elementary School for almost four years, in June 2011, the church purchased a new facility located at 5130 Woolridge Road, Moseley, Virginia to accommodate our need for more ministry space. On August 28, 2011, the first worship service was held in our new site. It was a time of great rejoicing and thanksgiving.

Walking in love and healing, we continue to seek God’s wisdom and guidance as we strive to fulfill our mission, which is to love all souls, to look for the unsaved and lead them to Christian salvation. To live with one another in Christian fellowship, harmony and community. To labor with one another, in knowledge unto Christian maturity. And to live in the presence of God! Let the church say Amen!

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