Planning Center

What is Planning Center?

Planning Center is designed to help churches find freedom to focus on what matters in ministry. It is a set of online software products which are used together as The Creek’s management system.



Quickly and safe check families in and out of services and programs, using a flexible setup we can customize.

Create an online group index, take signups, track attendance, and share resources within groups.



Create registration processes and interfaces for on and off campus events.

Schedule volunteers in any ministry, particularly during Sunday services, plan services and equip our worship team.


Church Center

The central module of the Planning Center platform. It is the church’s membership database, provides the online directory, and electronic forms. (Administration use only)

Gateway for membership to access the other Planning Center modules, except People, Services and Publishing. In addition, members can access the Online Directory.



Create the mobile app and web experience where the congregation can explore, engage and get involved throughout the week (Administration use only).

Accept donations online and in the mobile app via ACH bank transfer, credit card, or Apple pay; by text, cash, and check.


Provide the interface for all church activities. Additional functions include approval protocols, setup designs, equipment usage and campus rooms availability and usage.

Why Planning Center?

In the past The Creek only used an archaic database system that depended on physical hardware and limited scalability. We made the decision to move to Planning Center because it uses cloud services and cost correlates to the size of the church. Furthermore, it allows the Church office, staff, and ministry leaders to track our goals and align our processes with our vision more easily. It also allows the congregation to connect with the life of the church, helps volunteers with balanced scheduling, see participation across every ministry, guard the privacy of the church information and foster church communication with ease.