Student Ministries

The Student Ministries create and coordinate activities, groups and services designed for growing the faith and strengthening the fellowship of children ages birth to 11 years.

Student Ministries is comprised of four (4) distinct ministries’ which offer an opportunity for the youngest souls at The Creek to develop a more intimate relationship with Christ. Appropriately called 116 Student Ministries (derived from Romans 1:16), our goal is to foster, in our young people, an unwavering confidence in self, a hunger for salvation and a commitment to serving others. We are unapologetic in our mission to plant seeds that lead to a spiritual foundation which is reinforced through the Ways, the Works, and the Will of Almighty God. With faith-based activities and a variety of fellowship occasions our young people are encouraged to engage in healthy dialogue and build life-long friendships within a community of Christ-led believers.

The four (4) ministries which make up Student Ministries are:

  • Children’s Ministry
    • Kids Creek
      • Serving children in grades 1 – 5)
      • Children are invited to share and engage in age-specific Bible study, activities, community service and much more.
  • Mentoring
    • Our volunteers offer our young people a safe place to grow closer to Christ by (1) learning who they are in Christ as creations of almighty God, (2) reconciling biblical teachings and current events and, (3) engaging in discussion which encourages thoughtful reflection about the world and our place [as Black people, Black males, Black females, Black Christians, etc.) in it.
    • Mentoring currently offers 3 life groups:
      • Boys 2 Men (Serving boys in grades 6-12)
      • Lil Miss (Serving girls in grades 1-5)
      • I Am Me (Serving teens in grades 6-12)
  • Tutoring
    • E-Club
      • Serving children and youth in grades 1-12
      • Children and youth of Spring Creek and neighboring communities are encouraged to connect with our volunteers to get help with their studies. On an as needed basis, they are introduced to effective study habits, problem solving skills, reading for comprehension skills and, more.
  • Youth Ministry
    • Youth Church & Youth Fellowship
      • Serving youth in grades 6-12
      • Youth are invited to engage in non-traditional worship experiences, Bible study, topical discussion relevant to current trends and culture, games, community service and much more.

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