SCBC Variety Show

Submission Guidelines

Please read thoroughly before filling out the submission form.

Thanks for your interest in performing in the Variety Show! We are incredibly excited about this
event!! Please read the following guidelines carefully. We want to ensure that this event will be
an exciting space for creativity and expression while also remaining family-friendly and

Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the Variety Team at
[email protected].

Submissions are being accepted Oct. 16 – Nov. 19th.

Please note: we only have space for so many acts due to time restrictions. If we reach capacity,
you will be placed on a waiting list. We will contact you if this should occur.


  • Any talent (i.e. yo-yoing, playing water glasses, spoken word) is welcome and acts will have 3-5 minutes to perform
  • Acts are open to all ages, and performers do not need to be members of The Creek
  • Group Acts are welcome. Only one form is needed per group.
  • Content does not have to be Christian but it does need to be appropriate for a family setting.
    • No profanity, sexual references, references to violence, drug use or illegal activity, or shaming of any person, culture, or identity will be tolerated.
    • The Variety Team will contact you if your content does not meet appropriate standards.
  • Attire must be appropriate for a family setting. Please describe your attire in detail in the submission form. If attire is deemed inappropriate, The Variety Team will contact you to find other options.
  • Once acts are approved and rehearsed, that is what is expected to be on stage. Please think through your act thoroughly before submission.
  • There will be a practice on Dec. 4th from 12 pm-2 pm. You must attend to participate in the show. If you can’t attend, please contact The Variety Team at [email protected].

Please arrive by 5 pm on performance day, Dec. 10th. You must be on time. We expect all acts by 5:15 pm at the latest or your performance will be cut.

We appreciate your consideration and are looking forward to an exciting evening!